Spiritual Reflections

Psalms, poems, pictures, parables and prayers offering; God as companion, city streets and country lanes as places of divinity and brothers, sisters and strangers as pilgrims on the road.
Made for Love
Spiritual reflection for couples
Pleroma Press, Otane
Honest To GoodnessPleroma Press, Otane
Come and See
Photos by Terry Coles
Pleroma Press, Otane
Notes to a FriendPleroma Press, Otane
Honest to GoodnessPleroma Press, Otane
Growing Strong (for children)Pleroma Press, Otane

Aotearoa PsalmsPleroma Press, Otane
Psalms Down UnderPleroma Press, Otane
Psalms for the Road
Pleroma Press, Otane

All royalties from these books go to Jean Watson's orphanage in South India.

For more information or to buy these books contact Pleroma Press, Otane, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, email: order@pleroma.org.nz

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