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Storylines 2010

Navigation, a memoir
"The mirror showed a solid girl with a plain round face and turned-up nose, but that was only the external view. Underneath, she was slender, graceful and devastatingly beautiful. She wore an Edwardian dress of yellow silk with mutton-chop sleeves and tiny pearl buttons, a picture hat covered with veiling and gold silk roses, and she was riding through town on a BSA 650 Gold Flash."
Penguin NZ 2010

Current Novels
Classical MusicPenguin NZ 1999
Holy DaysPenguin NZ 2001
Novels out of Print 
Nest in a Falling TreeDoubleday USA 1967
Man of StrawDoubleday USA 1970
Of Men and AngelsDoubleday USA 1972
The Mandrake RootDoubleday USA 1975
The Growing SeasonDoubleday USA 1978

Short Stories 
Heart AttackHodder & Stoughton NZ 1985
Joy Cowley Short StoriesHarper Collins NZ 1996

Non Fiction 
Nelson Marlborough
Introduction by Joy Cowley
Photography by Arno Gasteiger
published by Viking
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