Joy Starters

Joy Starters (72 Titles)

Theme A: Mathematical Concepts
Crabby Cat's Shopping
The Garden Zoo
My Shapes
Peter Pig's House
Seņor Armadillo's Car
Ten Little Chickens

Theme B: Spatial Concepts
Happy's Hat
Polly and Peter Share Lemonade
Pug's Walk
Seņor Armadillo's Shoes
A Visit to Doctor Jane

Theme C: Senses
Camping in the Yard
I Take Care
The Ice Cream Man
Polly and Peter Make Masks

Theme D: Emotions
Crabby Cat's Party
Happy Day
Peter and Polly Make Faces
Seņor Armadillo Makes an Airplane
When Baby Is Happy

Theme E: Family Relationships
Baby Talk
Going to Grandma's House
Oh, Baby!
Once Upon a Time
Thanksgiving Dinner
The Wedding

Theme F: School
Anna's First Day
Apples for the Teacher
Chicken School
Crabby Cat at School
My Robot
Polly and Peter Make Place Mats

Theme G: Community
Crabby Cat's Vacation
Peter and Polly Make Bookmarks
Police Officer Mom
Robot Went Shopping
Seņor Armadillo Goes to Town

Theme H: Sports
Crabby Cat's Exercise
In the Pool
Polly and Peter Make Hats
Ronny Rat, Racing Driver
Seņor Armadillo's Skis

Theme I: Time and Space
Crabby Cat's Watch
Jimmy's Jeans
Robot's Batteries
Seņor Armadillo's Very Fine Truck

Theme J: Nature
Captain Ebenezer
Crabby Cat's Test
Our Tree
Seņor Armadillo and Friends

Theme K: Health
The Big Noodle
Crabby Cat and the Doctor
Peter and Polly Make a Healthy Sandwich
Robot Bedtime
Seņor Armadillo's Cold

Theme L: Communication
Crabby Cat's Phone Call
Mr. Bun's Stew
Play Money for Polly and Peter
Seņor Armadillo's Letter
What Did Robot Want?

Joy Starters are published by
Dominie Pearson, USA.

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